Week 13: Yellow Vest Protester has His Hand Blown Off


Andrew Anglin dans Daily Stormer

The whole thing with this protest is that they only have to keep it going, and then eventually it will swing higher than it was at its peak.

People getting their hands blown off definitely doesn’t help the other side, I’ll tell you.


The father of the Yellow Vest protester who had his hand blown off by a gas grenade in Paris on Saturday says he plans a lawsuit, while his comrade says it is symbolic that the injury took place outside the National Assembly.
“He has no hand left below the wrist,” Bernard Maillet, father of Sebastien Maillet, told RT during an interview in its Paris studio, adding that his son also sustained an eye injury and does not fully remember the traumatic incident.
“We plan to lodge a complaint, and we will see what happens from there,” he said.
An activist who goes under the name Boudjema, who was protesting alongside Maillet, said that the injury – one of hundreds sustained since the protests began in November – “concerns all the Yellow Vests.”
“Sebastien was merely exercising his legal right to demonstrate. Now he has lost his hand. He is a plumber, he needed it for his everyday life and his job,” he said, sitting alongside Maillet’s father.

This truly is the battle for Europe.

If Macron falls, then they will not be able to simply replace him with another shill. And everyone else in Europe will see that they can force out a shill leader by taking to the streets.

There is no ceiling on this.

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